5 Most Important Conflict Resolution Strategies

Resolving conflicts can be very difficult in general, especially in the work place. These 5 important conflict resolution strategies will help you figure out the best strategy for you to solve conflict within your organization.

1. Stay Neutral

You don’t ever want to take sides because that will only make the party who’s side you’re not on even more mad. Normally when there is a conflict, it involves more than one person which makes it really hard to stay 100% neutral especially if the conflict is between a customer and an employee. Staying neutral will give you the best possibility for making both parties happy in the end. As a middle mad that should be your end goal, stay neutral and end on good terms with not only both parties yourself, but between both parties.

Staying neutral is on of the most Important Conflict Resolution Strategies.

2. Know the Problem

You can’t dance around the problem. That doesn’t help anybody. The whole reason they came to you in the first place is to solve the problem. You will want to be direct about the problem and how to fix it in the most effective way. You might need to show a little tough love because if you try to soften the blow, you will end up not addressing the problem at all. You can’t be afraid of how they might react to something because you know that it is going to benefit them in the end. Know the problem.

3. Acknowledge the Problem not the People

It is very important to know the problem and not base it off the people involved. The worst thing you can do is acknowledge the people and not the problem because you are going to break many rules of conflict resolution. It is important that you develop a customer service plan if you are focusing on conflict resolution in the workplace. You can find an amazing article about customer service here. You are going to become un neutral and the problem will never be solved. To remain neutral you need to set aside any bias you may have towards either party and judge only based on they facts they present you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a CFO and an employee. Everyone needs to be treated equal within an organization.

4. When Needed, Find a Middle Ground

Conflict resolution doesn’t have to result in one or the other being right. Sometimes they can both be right. It is tough to do, but being creative and finding that middle ground can be very beneficial in certain situations. The middle ground is a very hard thing to find because most of the time it sways towards one party or the other. Let both parties talk amongst each other to find that common ground and compromise with each other.

5. Listen to Both Parties, but Be Decisive 

You should let both parties explain themselves in the situation. With that being said, don’t sugar coat the answer. Be 100% transparent with your response so there is no confusion. Being decisive is the best way you can solve the problem for both parties. The problem with being decisive is you need to know what is going to be best for everyone, and you can’t go back on what you decided. Don’t be afraid to take some time to review the situation, but make sure that when you do come up with a solution, be as direct as possible.

If you want to see more about the psychology of conflict resolution, Psychology Today has published a great article that you can view here.

There you have it! There are 5 strategies that can help you resolve conflict strategies within your company. Comment down below which strategy you think will help you the most!

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