Excellence in Customer Service Top 10 Tips

Here are the Top 10 Tips for Achieving Excellence in Customer Service.These tips are meant to be used to improve the customer service of any business and is virtually universal. They are not set in any importance of order because they are all equally important. If one of these factors is left out, it could leave your business plummeting to the depths of business failure.

10. Collect feedback.

There is no way to improve the customer experience if you don’t collect how the experience went. This is probably the most important tip to enhancing customer experiences because you can find out exact issues and/or problems. Then assert them directly. This can ensure problems will be fixed after one mistake.

Providing feedback to customers is so important to Excellence in Customer Service!

9. Don’t rush the customer.

Rushing the customer will only escalate the situation more because you are going to annoy them already are, considering most people don’t turn to customer service and say, “Oh I just wanted to tell you how much of an amazing job your business doing.” While it isn’t unheard of, most people are going to call because they are pissed off about the way your company made them fee. Giving them your patient and calm collectiveness will be the best way to calm them down. Let them vent out to you before you try to calm them down. Excellence in customer service is handling the objections. This will also clarify everything they need to say and how they feel they were mistreated.

8. Analyze the results.

Results don’t mean jack squat if you don’t do something with them. Results from customers is single handedly the most valuable piece of information you can achieve in customer service. Don’t let it sit and collect dust on your shelf. Use it! Have your employees study it and how they can handle situations better. This is the best way to learn, improve, and implement new strategies in customer service field.

Having a reliable CRM will make this process so much easier. We recommend using one like Monday or Agile.

7. Simplify everything as much as possible.

While you may think oh this is easy, it really isn’t. You need to make sure that everything you say and everything you do is going to be as transparent as possible. You need to make sure there is absolutely no confusion in what you are saying. Keeping everything as simple as can be will create the best experience for the customer and the employee.

6. Be 100% honest.

Be honest with your customers. Keep it real with them. Tell them exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it. Building trust is what will bring those customers back even if you are wrong. Be open and tell them the truth. Most businesses are built around sales. Sales are built around relationships. Honestly will keep your customers coming back.

5. Treat employees like you want to be treated.

This is a tough one to do sometimes but is necessary for having the best employees. When you are about to confront and employee, think about how you would want the situation handled if you were the employee and they were the boss. Empathy in business will go a long way. Don’t tell them what they need to do and make them. Motivate them so that they will and want to do it.

4. Apologize for any inconveniences.

In business, it is impossible to completely avoid mess ups and mistakes. The golden word to fixing most of these will be a genuine apology. People will be able to tell if it’s scripted. You need to be genuine, which means your employees are going to have to genuinely feel for and care about the customers.

3. Make the customer feel valued and important.

This can be done in a lot of different ways. Sometimes you have to get creative. Basically don’t make your customers feel like crap. Make them feel like they are just as important to you as anyone else who walks into that place or works there.

2. If in person, stay calm, collected, happy, and smile.

Body language is so important. Beware that you want to be happy and calm. If you can’t do that, you better fake it pretty damn good otherwise that customer is going to be mad. You need to have good posture to show you are confident you can resolve issues. You need to be motivated to solve any issue that is thrown your way. You don’t need to know the answer to every single question they might have, but you do need to know the right way to respond to every question they ask.

1. Develop a predetermined list of conflicts that may happen with resolutions.

Building this list will make the most common questions be able to be resolved in seconds. Don’t be afraid to develop a flow chart that will walk your employees right through the process. With that being said, don’t make it scripted because then it will sound fake. Make it as a guide to solving the problem so you and your employees will stay on track.

These are the top 10 customer service tips you can have. If you can implement these 10 items into your customer service system, I guarantee it is going to be a much more enjoyable situation for your customers.

Comment below which tip you think will be the most helpful for achieving excellence in customer service!

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