The Do’s and Don’ts of using Google My Business

The do’s and don’ts of using Google My Business and why it is important are all highlighted within this article.

What is Google My Business?

To first understand how and why to use Google My Business it is important to know exactly what it is and how it will benefit your company. Most importantly, it will generate you leads and drive people to your business for free. You won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for advertising that might not even get you much more business. Launched in 2016, My Business was designed to help small and local businesses to get traction online and be able to compete with large corporate companies.

Actively posting on My Business can be a great way to showcase your business and drive more traffic through to you. It is a very powerful way you can promote your business.

How can I post to Google My Business?

Google now allows business owners to post photos, videos, and written posts to their page to keep customers in the loop for what is going on. It can be a great way to announce upcoming events, changes in service or products, share interesting news about your company, or communicate special offers you might have. It’s easy and free to post and it can be a very effective way to show off your business.

Before you start posting:

It is important to have an optimized profile for maximum reach and impressions. Linked here is a great article on how you can optimize your My Business. This will increase your visibility and rankings in search results.

It will be important to have a customer service tactic in place before you start driving people to your business. We have an article on Achieving Great Customer Service available for you here.

The Do's and Don'ts of using Google My Business are so important to making your business successful online.

What kinds of things can you post?

Before you make your first post, you’ll want to develop a format in which you want to make posts. This will really help you with the Do’s and Don’ts of using Google My Business. This will make sure you deliver your information the most effective way to your customers. Google allows you to make 4 different kinds of posts to My Business.

They include:

What’s New

Use this post type to highlight anything new in your company. This allows you to make an announcement about any changes. This post is a way to show to your customers what makes you different and more unique than other companies. You can’t set time frames for your What’s New posts, and they will automatically expire after 7 days. Using these posts is a great way to deliver communication to your customers and make your profile really unique.


You can now promote upcoming events to your customers directly on my business to search and maps. It’s is a great way to let customers and potential customers to know what is going on at your business and spark an interest. You’ll need to set a timeframe for these posts whether it is day, months, or longer.


Offers can be used for limited time promotions. They can raise attention to customers and drive customers to your company because of offers. You can upload photos or videos to the offer to draw even more attention to the post. You will have the option to set coupons online or provide codes that customers can use in your store. You will need to set a timeframe for your post, like events, and that is how long the offer will be live on Google.


The easiest way to showcase your products without having to drive customers to your store. Spark a buzz by posting a picture of the product or service, a price range, and a description to your My Business account. Product posts expire after after 7 days.

When do you use each of these post types?

The most effective post type that you can post will ultimately determine on what outcome you are trying to receive. For example if you are going to be launching a new product, a product post would be the appropriate post. If you’re running a special promotion that will expire in a couple of days, you’d want to use the offer post. The flexibility of multiple different kinds of posts is really just to give you a way to deliver content to your consumers in a neat and tidy fashion. Posts should not be similar in different post types and it is important to use ALL the different types of posts because it will increase readability and rank. It might be a good idea to find some businesses who already use these post types and do some more research about each type of post.

The Do’s and Don’ts

– Use high quality pictures and videos
– Keep your posts short
– Optimize your CTA and landing page
– Keep your posts professional
– Proofread your posts and make sure they are readable
– Obey the rules Google has set about posting
– Keep your posts current with information
– Use stock photos and videos of a low quality
– Write out lengthy posts that bore your consumers
– Have content all over the place that is distracting
– Use jargon, slang, swearing, or anything that could be taken the wrong way
– Have grammatical errors and fragments within posts
– Don’t follow the rules and get banned
– Use outdated or false information

Some examples of good posts:

Will you start posting with Google My Business?

Did this help you with the Do’s and Don’ts of using Google My Business?

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